QBSP – Building Inspections

The Queensland Building Surveys (QBS) have been conducting their building inspections ipswich Program in Brisbane since 1988. If you wish to receive the inspection results by email then click on the link below. The QBS program is a comprehensive and non-intrusive program which involves professional pest inspection services for commercial properties and government facilities within the Brisbane region. These QBS inspections are delivered through qualified and experienced pest surveyors who have been approved by the QBS to become accredited pest inspectors. The QBSP is a group of more than 1800 certified professional QSEs, including qualified pest inspectors and environmental consultants.

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The QBSP program focuses on ensuring that buildings are safe from both permanent and temporary pests and issues throughout the year. The QBSP program also ensures that building occupants and business operators remain aware of prevailing pest conditions. The program focuses on three objectives: building inspections, environmental monitoring and risk assessment. With the introduction of the Brisbane Building Inspection Program, it was ensured that the construction industry continued to comply with all Building Regulations and Brisbane City Council Code requirements.

The QBSP training program was developed to train current and future QBS inspectors who wish to become competent pest inspectors. This new program offers outstanding training in a fun and effective environment. Brisbane Australia has a population of more than seven million people. The QBSP training programs help the inspectors to quickly adapt to the local building requirements. There is no doubt about the fact that Brisbane’s renowned pest inspectors are experienced in their field. With an increase in the number of property-related crimes, the QBSP ensures that the QBSP training program delivers the most effective and efficient pest inspections.