Home Inspections – The Importance of the Home Inspection

Home Inspections is an essential part of owning any home. A Gortney House inspection is typically a thorough top-to-depth examination of a potential property, done by a certified home inspector. Home inspectors are often paid by the new buyer when selling a house. The main function of the home inspector is to give the new buyer a detailed report detailing issues with the house both small and large.

Why Home Inspections Is Crucial?

Home Inspections is not for everyone. If you don’t plan on living in your house for the long haul, home inspections probably aren’t necessary. New home construction is fast becoming the norm, however there are still plenty of older homes for sale in good condition that require no inspections. For this type of property, I would recommend hiring a competent licensed home inspector to check it out. Home inspectors also often visit rental properties, which can also be a great way to get an unbiased view without the risk of purchasing the place.

One of the major issues regarding home inspections is that sellers often try to gloss over any serious issues with the house so that they don’t have to pay for an expensive inspection. I often advise my clients to prepare ‘Home Inspection Checklist’ listing all major issues like major plumbing issues, structural defects, major electrical issues and major appliance concerns, as well as listing their budget and provide copies of previous inspection reports. Following this strategy allows buyers to see what’s been covered and not missed during the inspection process.