Custom Laser Cuts – Make Your Own Parts and Items

custom laser cutting

In the field of technology, where every new gadget or technology has its own specialty, custom laser cutting is one such technology. It is a technique that uses the power of a laser beam to cut a material into smooth, accurate shapes and sizes. The process involves passing the laser beam over the material being cut, making the light, emit waves which are then absorbed by the material. These waves allow the material to be manipulated into various shapes without damaging it in any way. This is done with the use of the proper equipment and the latest technology.


The beauty of custom laser cutting is that it allows users to produce high quality parts, even in limited quantities. In custom laser cutting you can cut hardwood, acrylic, fiberglass, plastic, or paper conveniently, and even up to an inch or less in acrylic or softer materials. You can create custom, precision, clear, top notch parts that will stand up next to your other work and assets. With custom laser cutting you can make a custom, two-sided plastic parts suitable for a range of uses from tooling and seals to hardware and automotive parts. These two-sided parts can be used in a variety of ways depending on the application needed and the size of the part. You can cut small one-piece keyed-in holes for holding compact personal identification badges or keys, or larger two-piece hole drillings for installing lighting fixtures, or custom made holes in various materials as mounting edges for hand tools.


When using custom laser cutting you can easily create precisely circular shapes out of thin material, such as plastic tubing. If you need to make boxes, dishes, or cups, you can get them perfectly round, with perfectly round edges. You can also create holes in wood, plastic, or other materials by using this method, so you can make your own items such as musical instruments or art pieces. In fact, the possibilities are endless when you use this method for your next project, so start small and expand later.