Wiring Instructions For Citimortgage Payoffs

Wiring payoff funds. Wiring your payoff funds helps you avoid overnight delivery charges and an additional day of interest charges if the funds are received before 2:00 PM ET. When wiring funds, be sure to: Send us mailing instructions for the paid loan documents. Add $15 (the wire-transfer processing fee) to your payoff amount.

To request by phone, call 888-480-2432. To request by mail, send us a short letter stating that you’d like a payoff quote. Be sure it includes your loan number, the address of the property, and all your most up-to- date contact information.

Citimortgage Inc Wire Instructions If you receive mortgage or home equity statements from CitiMortgage. Existing mortgage or home equity customer correspondence. CitiMortgage, Inc PO Box. 7, 010-143-027-000, CITIMORTGAGE INC, $ 54,650.00, Sold $315,100 Successful bidders must pay by cashier's check, wire transfer or electronic funds.

CitiMortgagemortgage payoff. Review updated: Jul 21, 2009. 5 comments. I have been attempting to payoff my home with Citimortgage since June 2, 2008. It is now July 28th and I still have not received a refund check from them. I first called in to request a payoff on May 28th 2008 due to my home being destroyed by a tornado on May 25th 2008.

A document custodian is an independent third party that holds financial documents in a secure facility outside ditech. Once the custodian returns loan documents to you and ditech, we publicly confirm the closing of the mortgage. Ditech creates and signs a Satisfaction of Mortgage document specifically for …

Repetitive wire instructions may be referenced to expedite recurring wire requests. Batch Wires Via Direct Transmission . Transmit electronic files containing wire instructions in batches to achieve greater efficiency with treasury or accounting software and wiring transactions.

Checks and money orders must be issued within the United States and in U.S. Currency. Payoffs made with international checks will not be accepted. Please make sure you include the account number with your payment. Providing the correct account number will help avoid delays in releasing your collateral or paying off another account. Local bank ...

There are a lot of great things about having a home. Making payments probably doesn’t crack the top five, so we’ll cut to the chase. In this section, you’ll learn about your payment method options, ways to structure your payment, and more fun stuff. (Wait, not fun! But easy.)

You can complete your payoff by mail, wire or in person. Wire – To wire a payoff, you'll need to supply the following information: • Mortgage account number • Name of the bank initiating the wire • Name of the originator of the wire transfer • Physical address of the originator—post office box addresses are not permitted • Wiring routing number – 053101121

Citibank Wire Transfer Instructions. By: Lindsey Thompson. Share; Share on Facebook; If you need a convenient way to transfer money to a third party, wire transfers get the money there securely and quickly. Citibank customers with a checking, savings or money market account can take advantage of Citibank's wire transfer services.