Best Places To Stay In Rockhampton – Where To Stay?

best places to stay rockhampton

There are a number of best places to Rockhampton including Bedside Cabin, The Parks Hotel and the Priory Lodge. Of course these are only a few options and you will find many more over time. However, for those looking for a little bit more then these are definitely one of the best places to stay in Rockhampton. You are only a short bus or taxi ride away from many of the sights in Rockhampton including the Portland Hotel, the Rockhampton Racecourse, among others.


While it is certainly not the capital of the country, you will find that the accommodation options available here are very much worth the price. Most of the hotels and resorts offer you everything you could possibly need such as car parking, flights from London to Australia, Whitsundays to Cairns, and complimentary breakfast. It is also possible for you to book a room at a base camp site where you can relax and enjoy all that Rockhampton has to offer.


There are a number of other events that take place in Rockhampton that people thoroughly enjoy. Of course, if you prefer golf then there are a number of top class golf courses in this region. This includes the Queens Golf Club, the Perth International Golf Course and the Gold Coast Golf Club. Of course, if you are not a fan of golf then you can still enjoy a number of other sports and activities in the area including water skiing, cycling, fishing, horse riding, and so much more. If you stay in Rockhampton, you will be able to find a number of options that will suit your particular tastes.