Bathroom Vanity Units

vanity units

Bathroom vanity units are modern day additions to modern bathrooms and can provide a great deal of function for any size of bathroom. A vanity unit is basically an item of contemporary bathroom furniture which integrates a cabinet with drawers or cabinets underneath. To complicate matters still more, some of these units can also be called by some names, such as under vanity units, bathroom sink closets, basin cabinets or simply bathroom combination vanity units.

A great deal of function for any size of bathroom

As already stated, a vanity unit can be found in two basic forms, on either side of the wall mounted plumbing unit or on top of the wall unit. In this case it would be difficult to justify the need for a separate storage space behind the plumbing fixture. The other type of style of vanity units is completely situated on the opposite side of the wall unit and include storage cabinets above and/or below the main plumbing supply pipe. In this case the storage space is required in addition to the plumbing fixtures.

Depending on the overall style of the room and the existing furnishings, one of the most popular ways of incorporating a vanity unit into a bathroom is to choose one which matches existing furniture, perhaps in the form of a vanity unit drawer or dresser. Although vanity units are generally fitted with the standard white finish, you will find some beautiful wood veneers and coloured finishes available. With so many finishes and styles available nowadays it is also possible to integrate these units into a bathroom with an exceptionally modern feel, using finishes such as angular black, or sleek white.