A Guide to Temporary Work Agencies

temporary work agency

Agence intérim -Temp agencies make money mainly by charging businesses for the various services they offer. For instance, a temporary agency usually charges employers for recruiting, screening, training and placement of workers in their places, and performing all the human resource and administrative duties involved. Temporary agencies can be set up to run on a part-time or full-time basis. In case of a part-time running business, employees are hired when they complete a course of assignments at the temporary agency.


The companies that employ temp workers hire temp agencies to take care of the various responsibilities involved in employee recruitment, including screening, pre-screening, on-site training, placement and induction, and payroll administration. The role of a temporary work agency is quite important because the various staffing requirements can not be handled effectively with the available people and talents available on the market. With the help of an agency, the employer can get a large number of qualified personnel, which will increase his chances of finding a new job quickly. Some of the common tasks performed by temporary work agencies include performing enrollment process for new hires, processing termination of positions, interviewing and hiring, allocation of tasks and budgets, training and development of new staff, and offering temporary work.


Many people choose to use temporary work agencies for the purpose of employment as it is a convenient way to earn good money. However, it is advisable to check out a number of temp agencies before deciding upon the one to use. While some temp agencies charge upfront fees, there are many others who offer a wide range of services for a fixed fee. The fees are usually paid after a commission is given to the temporary worker.