A Gel Ball Shooter

gel ball shooter

Gel ball shooter, also called gel guns, gel blasters, gel markers, gel soft, gel balls, or gel markers, are toy firearms like airsoft guns that shoot gel balls (a hard, dense gel-like plastic) with a firing pin. These types of toys are used extensively for Nerf sports and target shooting practice. A gel ball is a combination of water and oil; it is very soft and squishy which makes it comfortable to grip. The squishiness helps the user to maintain contact with the ball while using their other hand or even forearms to manipulate the gun.

Gel ball shooter

The reason that these shooters are called gel ball shooters is that the gel contained in the ball is shot out at a ball-shaped trajectory. Because of the gel ball’s high density, the ball flight is relatively long. Because these balls have low air compression and high air flow, they have very little drag. Also because they are not made of steel or metal and are primarily made of hard plastic, they tend to be more durable than their larger counterparts, although the durability of a particular model will depend on many factors including how it is treated, its weight, the type of game it is being used for, and how it is maintained.

To load a gel ball shooter, one holds the weapon close to the user’s body in a prone position and loads the ball into the chamber by means of an insert or plug. After the ball has been loaded, the shooter releases the trigger and the mechanism to engage. Then the user holds the trigger and simultaneously manipulates the handle, which in turn drives back the plunger that pushes the ball forward.